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Who Visits Us?

Imagine one day you come up with an Internet site.
After that you realize that among other big names Microsoft and Intel are your main visitors.
"Oh, how nice!", you exclaim.
"Indeed, it is very nice", we answer.
"But imagine how nice it would be if we could make some money out of it too", we add right thereafter.
Welcome to We hope you enjoy browsing our site as much as we do creating it. But serious, if you do work for Microsoft and you are reading this now consider asking your department leader about a little donation. This way we could spend even more time on the site and possibly create the best WinDbg experience for the community ever. "Oh, how nice!", you say again. And we agree again. But enough talking. Let's take a look at the charts now.
Snapshot on 25 August 2011 (30 day period)

Chart 4

Snapshot on 19 Februar 2010 (30 day period)

Chart 4

Snapshot on 21 May 2009 (30 day period)

Chart 1

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