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... Main extensions 14) Tracing and stepping (F10, F11) 22) Logging extension (logexts.dll) 7) Symbols 15) Call stack 8) Sources 16) Registers 1) Built-in ...
2. CrashMe Application
(Applications and Tools/General Applications)
... help for both; your first steps with WinDbg or if you ever need to reproduce a particular crash within a test environment. Take a look at the screen-shot bellow or simply download it to get a hint of what ...
3. Memory Access errors in the Kernel
(Forum/Kernel-Mode Debugging)
Hello, I am new to WinDbg, but not debugging in general. I am trying to step through certain calls like CreateFileA to see how they work, and I get to an area where it looks like the screenshot below: I ...
4. Re: CrashMe Application
(Forum/Article Discussions)
Hello everybody I can't see 10 Mb memory in dump which allocate operator new. I do next step 1) Start "CrashMe.exe" in debug mode 2) Attach with WinDbg 3) Press button "operator new*" 4) Press ...
5. Re: hide debugging
(Forum/General Questions)
... data structures. You cannot step through the application though. Check out WinDbg. From A to Z! - "Invasive vs. Noninvasive Debugging and Attaching" at slide 16 I hope this helps, Robert ...
6. Re: Memory Access errors in the Kernel
(Forum/Kernel-Mode Debugging)
... is accomplished trough an opcode called sysenter/sysexecute (Intel/AMD). You can see this if you debug a few steps into kernel32!CreateFileW. The call stack will then look like this: 0:000> k ChildEBP ...
7. Re: Remote debugging of CrashMe with ntsd -d
(Forum/Article Discussions)
... just that. Just follow the steps described here: How To Create a User-Defined Service. Once you set everything up you should see something like this in the registry of your target machine: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DbgService].. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DbgService\Parameters] "Application"="C:\\dbgsrv\\dbgsrv.exe ...
8. Re: sort lm n t by date/time
(Forum/Crash Dump Analysis )
... = str timeStamps(c) = Replace(Right(str, Len(str) - InStrRev(str, "(")), ")", "") c = c + 1 Loop For i = UBound(timeStamps) - 1 To 0 Step -1 For j = 0 to i If timeStamps(j)>timeStamps(j+1) ...
Austin, welcome. Hm, that's an interesting suggestion indeed. I'll definitely think about it, though I first plan to add more written content to the site. Among others a step-by-step tutorial for the ...
10. Re: windbg question from kam
(Forum/Article Discussions)
... this: > bp BaseAddress (retrieved in previous step) + rva_entrypoint I hope this helps, Robert ...
11. Re:Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe
(Forum/Crash Dump Analysis )
... check with my co-worker who did in fact say the machine which generated the dump is in fact a single-processor appliance. It was a very simple piece of the puzzle I didn't have. Thanks for the steps ...
12. WinDbg: debugging a EXE
(Forum/General Questions)
... and now is possible to trace step by step each assembler instruction. I'm not able to do this on WinDbg. Any help? Many thanks. ...

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