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How do source code files help?
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TOPIC: How do source code files help?
Will Steele (User)
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How do source code files help? 06 Jan 2010 - 21:42 Last Edit: 06 Jan 2010 - 21:50 by Will Steele. Reason: Additional comment
I have a little console application throwing an error when trying to open a file. I am certain it's just an issue where the original handle was never closed in a previous function. To try and expose myself to more WinDbg I loaded up the 2.0 SOS dll and started hitting away at it. I actually made some progress an have a few indicators as to what the exact error is, but, would like to cross-reference it with the source code. How would I do this? These are all files I have (PDB's, .cs and .exe files) in the same project.

Edit: This could have also gone into the source sub-section, but, I didn't know if the SOS factor would make a difference.
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Robert Kuster (Visitor)
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Re:How do source code files help? 17 Jan 2010 - 16:54
Hi Will,

we are somewhat out of luck here, I'm afraid. By default WinDbg doesn't support debugging of managed code natively - at least not in its public releases. See explanation here: No CLR support in the latest debugger release . The only WinDbg release really supporting it was version which was mistakenly made public. Maybe you can still find it somewhere. If so, you'll be able to see call stacks with functions names, source code information, and so on in almost the same way as you see it for C++ applications.

To keep it short: You can use WinDbg to obtain some extra information for managed applications via its SOS or SOSEX extension. But in order too turn it into a really useful debugger for manged applications stick to WinDbg version

I hope this helps, RK
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