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Brand New to Windbg - Need some basic answers
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TOPIC: Brand New to Windbg - Need some basic answers
Jim Flanagan (User)
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Brand New to Windbg - Need some basic answers 27 Jun 2011 - 14:57
Hi.. Just joined and am very new to Windbg..
I have a simple need and that is to monitor the calls
made from NTapm.sys into my system bios. I own
a logic analyzer that runs off of Windows 2000 and
was made back in '96 or so. My system uses the old
APM instead of the ACPI method of power management.
One thing that doesn't work correctly is automatic
shutdown of the analyzer hardware whent the 'Shutdown'
command is issued in Win 2000. This has bugged me for
some time. I'm sure that my bios has some incompatibility
with the NTapm.sys/HAL.dll calls and want to see if I can
track it down.

Is this doable by using the Windbg debugger? I simply want to
set breakpoints at the calls into the bios to trace the
register settings, etc. Any help that could be offered would
be appreciated.
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