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See in Memory Descriptor List whats on
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TOPIC: See in Memory Descriptor List whats on
Steffen78 (User)
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See in Memory Descriptor List whats on 22 Feb 2010 - 12:29
Hello Girls and Boys,

i have a problem with a w2k3 server ent. sp2. The machine is an x86 32bit system with an MS SQL 2005 installed for enteo. the server part of enteo is ionstalled to. antivirus is mcafee.

Now the problem, the "non paged pool" is running out of free space till the server is crashing. the "biggest" pooltag in poolmon is the "mdl".

Is there a way to analyze with driver is exhausting the mdl. can i analyze this problem with a full memory dump or should i take the driver verifier for this?

thank you very much for your help.

sorry about my english.
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Robert Kuster (Visitor)
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Re: See in Memory Descriptor List whats on 03 Apr 2010 - 14:17
Steffen welcome.

It is easy to find out which driver is leaking or consuming a lot of memory.

In order to use Pool tags one generally has to enable them with GFlags -> System Registry -> "Enable pool tagging". Luckily on Windows Server 2003 pool tagging is always enabled. From the documentation: "Pool tagging is permanently enabled on Windows Server 2003 and later versions of Windows, including Windows Vista. On these systems, the Enable pool tagging check box on the Global Flags dialog box is dimmed and commands to enable or disable pool tagging fail.". Also alongside your WinDbg installation you should find ..\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\triage\ pooltag.txt which lists all tags used by kernel mode components and drivers. Here is what it says about the Mdl tag:

<PoolTag> - <binary-name> - <Description>
Mdl - <unknown> - Io, Mdls

MDLs are described here: What Is Really in That MDL? Further you should use Driver Verifier to track Pool Usage and configure it as follows:
  • "Create custom settings" -> Next
  • "Selet individual settings from a full list" -> Next
  • Select "Pool tracking" -> Next
  • "Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer" -> Finish, Restart computer

Start Driver Verifier Manager again an select "Display information about currently verified drivers" -> Next (3x). Now you will see the pool usage of each driver:

In WinDbg
After enabling driver verifier you can get even more information from WinDbg. Attach WinDbg as a kernel debugger to the target machine and use the following commands:

0: kd> !verifier 1

Driver Verification List

Entry State NonPagedPool PagedPool Module

8a7e6ee8 Loaded 00000000 00000000 kdcom.dll
8a7e6e68 Loaded 00000000 00000000 BOOTVID.dll
8a7e6df0 Loaded 00023708 00003760 ACPI.sys
8a7e6d70 Loaded 00000000 00000000 WMILIB.SYS
8a7e6480 Loaded 00003710 0001b310 pci.sys

; to see all individual allocations of each driver
0: kd> !verifier 0x3

Driver Verification List

Entry State NonPagedPool PagedPool Module

8a7e6df0 Loaded 00023708 00003760 ACPI.sys

Current Pool Allocations 00000059 00000023
Current Pool Bytes 00023708 00003760
Peak Pool Allocations 000000d3 0000002d
Peak Pool Bytes 00024b88 00003be8

PoolAddress SizeInBytes Tag CallersAddress
e10115a8 0x00000080 AcpM b9fa1c47
8a783148 0x00000018 AcpS b9f7fabb
8a7bd148 0x00000018 AcpS b9f7fae7
8a786a10 0x00000030 AcpS b9f836a6
8a7c0130 0x00000030 AcpR b9f877c9

I hope this helps,
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