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Creating a process server
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TOPIC: Creating a process server
Pankaj (User)
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Creating a process server 23 Sep 2011 - 03:45

I'm trying to create a process server.
To do this I create a client object and call the StartProcessServer() function.

if ( (status = DebugCreate(__uuidof(IDebugClient), (void**)&client)) != S_OK )
    fprintf(stderr, "DebugCreate() failed, 0x%X\n", status);

if ( (hr = client->StartProcessServer(DEBUG_CLASS_USER_WINDOWS, opt, NULL)) != S_OK )
    fprintf(stderr, "Error: StartProcessServer() failed: %X\n", hr);

But the StartProcessServer() always fails with return value 0x8007053D.
Why does it fail? Is there anything I missed?

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