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Thematically grouped WinDbg command list - keep this on your desk if you use WinDbg! 1) Built-in help commands 9) Exceptions, events, and crash analysis 17) Information about variables 2) ...
2. WinDbg. From A to Z!
... they are found by WinDbg (11, 12, 14) Exception handling by the OS and how to debug exceptions (18, 19, 85) How to configure your debugger to operate system-wide (20) Types of commands ...
3. Can all commands be watched with WinDbg
(Forum/General Questions)
This is a very basic question. I have not been able to figure out the answer and I have been curious about this for a while. If I open an executable from WinDbg, is there a way to watch every single action ...
** This thread discusses the content article: Common WinDbg Commands (Thematically Grouped) ** ...
5. Re: Crash location !
(Forum/Crash Dump Analysis )
... determine exactly what's going on. Alternatively, you can attach to the process and do live debugging, but you'll need to be pretty savvy with the commands. They are all available on the online help ...
6. Re: kernel32 symbol in live kernel debug
(Forum/Symbol and Source Files )
... principle and is simply not needed to debug an application or the kernel. You can still check out the Symbol Options for WinDbg or start your investigation by examining the ld or !lmi commands. I hope ...
7. Re: One command for Stack
(Forum/General Questions)
Hi Victor, check the 15) Call stack commands in our "Common WinDbg Commands" list. For instance, you might try "kn", "kb".. I hope this helps, Robert ...
8. Re: Pattern matching
(Forum/Article Discussions)
... is going on by the "al" (alias list) or "bl" (breakpoint list) commands. If you see some unusual values the following will help: a) "ad *" == deletes all aliases b) Reset the breakpoint in question I'll ...
9. Re: See in Memory Descriptor List whats on
(Forum/Kernel-Mode Debugging)
... including Windows Vista. On these systems, the Enable pool tagging check box on the Global Flags dialog box is dimmed and commands to enable or disable pool tagging fail.". Also alongside your WinDbg installation ...
10. Re: Symbol not found
(Forum/Symbol and Source Files )
... not /ZI (Program Database for Edit & Continue) - use the !sym noisy WinDbg command (debugger displays info about its search for symbols), followed by ld * - check out other symbol-related commands ...
11. Re: windbg question from kam
(Forum/Article Discussions)
... can easily get the base address of your driver too: > !lmi 77fba431 OR > lm vm 77fba431 Both commands will return the base/start address of your driver in memory. Then you would do something like ...
12. Re:Can all commands be watched with WinDbg
(Forum/General Questions)
Hi Will, yes it can be done with WinDbg. Let's start with the File->Open Executable from WinDbg's menu; this way WinDbg starts your application and actually stops after several system DLLs (for example ...
13. Re:Can all commands be watched with WinDbg
(Forum/General Questions)
Thanks Robert. You've given me a lot to work with. I am still in the "wide-eyed" stage of figuring out very basics. These things help me get a grasp much more quickly.
14. Re:Can macros be set up in WinDbg
(Forum/General Questions)
Hi Will, welcome. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: WinDbg offers a quite powerful mechanism called "Debugger Commands Programs". In fact this is a simple script-language where you can use all commands ...
15. Re:Debugging minGW/GCC built DLL in Visual Studio?
(Forum/Symbol and Source Files )
Edward, welcome. The short answer is it depends. PDB is Microsoft's proprietary format and is not documented. While MS offers APIs to read and extract data from PDBs (see DIA SDK - Debug Interface Access ...
16. Re:Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe
(Forum/Crash Dump Analysis )
... won't help either. 3) Enter the following commands to WinDbg: > !sym noisy > ld ntoskrnl > .reload /f /v ntoskrnl.exe If everything went fine WinDbg will have loaded "ntoskrnl.exe" and ...
17. Re:Using WinDbg to examine ASP.NET applications
(Forum/Debugging of Managed-Code )
Will, Hi. The worker process for ASP.NET applications is aspnet_wp.exe which internally heavily relies on mscorwks.dll. TODOs: For instance you could use the following WinDbg commands after a ...

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