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!mlocks hung interpretation help needed
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TOPIC: !mlocks hung interpretation help needed
Bernhard (User)
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!mlocks hung interpretation help needed 24 Jul 2012 - 07:28
i try to investigate a hung with windbg. If I call the command
!mlocks i got the following

:000> !mlocks
Examining SyncBlocks...
Scanning for ReaderWriterLock instances...
Scanning for holders of ReaderWriterLock locks...
Scanning for ReaderWriterLockSlim instances...
Scanning for holders of ReaderWriterLockSlim locks...
Examining CriticalSections...
ClrThread  DbgThread  OsThread    LockType    Lock              LockLevel
0x640064   -1         0xffffffff  RWLock      000000000339a338  Writer        
0x6        7          0x1ea8      thinlock    000000000343ddd8  (recursion:0)

When executeing rwlocks i got the following:

0:000> !rwlocks 000000000339a338           
No export rwlocks found
0:000> !rwlock 000000000339a338           
WriterThread:           0x640064 (DEAD)
WriterLevel:            115
WaitingWriterCount:     0
WriterEvent:            0
WaitingWriterThreadIds: None
ReaderCount:            116
WaitingReaderCount:     576
ReaderEvent:            80400002
*This lock has 116 orphaned reader locks.

0:007> !rwlock

Address            ReaderCount   WaitingReaderCount     WriterThread   WaitingWriterCount
000000000339a338           116                  576            0x640064                    0
00000000053f0688           568                  499            --                       6

i got this.
When I call

0:000> !dlk
Examining SyncBlocks...
Scanning for ReaderWriterLock instances...
Scanning for holders of ReaderWriterLock locks...
Scanning for ReaderWriterLockSlim instances...
Scanning for holders of ReaderWriterLockSlim locks...
Examining CriticalSections...
Scanning for threads waiting on SyncBlocks...
Scanning for threads waiting on ReaderWriterLock locks...
Scanning for threads waiting on ReaderWriterLocksSlim locks...
Scanning for threads waiting on CriticalSections...
No deadlocks detected.
then no deadlock will be detected.
I found this on Tess's blog

My question is if this threads have to do with my hunging application,
and what the scenario could be.
What does it mean that the thread is DEAD. Or do I have to find somewhere else
to find out the root cause of my hunging application?
Please help me to interpret this output.

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